What’s The Right Type Of Shed For You?

Storage sheds are a very useful addition to any home because they are a great way to store tools and other equipment. Another great quality of these kinds of structures is their versatility. Depending on your needs, they can be anything from a storage space to a modern workshop. 

This is why there are many types of sheds to choose from that vary the size, materials, and designs. But how do you know what’s the right shed for you? This blog provides a list of sheds to give you an idea of what could work best for you. Keep reading to find out more!


These structures consist of two sloping roof beams connected at the peak and anchored into the ground by four corner posts. A-frame sheds are an efficient storage solution since they can be built with minimal materials and labor. 

Barn Style

Barn style sheds are a good choice for larger storage needs. These structures have two different-sized slope sections, providing more liberty when organizing your tools.


Workshop sheds are a no-brainer pick for people who need storage space for tools and equipment and a place to work on different projects. These storage solutions typically provide enough space to move around and accommodate large equipment. 


These sheds are a great option for those needing an efficient storage solution with modern appeal. They are built from weather-resistant materials like vinyl, metal, and resin, offering long-term storage protection. Modern sheds can also be used as a home office, storage area, or hobby space. 


Storage sheds provide great additional space for any home. They offer a great storage option for items such as tools, equipment, and outdoor items, and they also provide a space to work on different projects and hobbies. 


Studio sheds are popular storage solutions for homeowners looking for a storage option that offers both practical storage and an aesthetic appeal. These structures are typically constructed from wood, vinyl, metal, or resin and can be customized with different rooflines and designs. They are ideal extra spaces to work from home or develop other projects.

Get Your Personalized Shed With The Best Shed Builders!

Ultimately, the right storage shed for your home depends on your storage needs and budget. Luckily, at South River Structures, we can find a perfect fit for your needs. Whether you need storage space for large equipment and tools or simply want a stylish storage solution with modern appeal, we can build your ideal shed.

If you’re looking for efficient and appealing storage space, we would love to show you our South River Structures series, which includes the following models: Inspiration (modern), Santiam (standardized so it can be customizable), Cascade (squarer with the A-frame roof style) and Loft Barn (more traditional). You can learn more on our website or contact us to inquire about our price range for garden sheds.

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