Santiam Series

If you’re looking for shed companies that offer both functional and stylish structures, look no further than South River Structures. Our Santiam Series have popular styles with 4/12 roof pitch and 7′ high walls.

A Highly Customizable Shed

The Santiam Series is highly customizable – you can add doors and windows on any wall, or even a porch. Order your Santiam Series shed today and start enjoying all the space and benefits it has to offer!
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Customizable Features

These sheds are built in a way that is easy to finish inside, so you customize the inside as much as you want!

Common Sizes

  • Santiam series 8 x 10
  • Santiam series 8 x 12
  • Santiam series 8 x 16
  • Santiam series 10 x 12
  • Santiam series 10 x 20
  • Santiam series 12 x 16

We offer larger sizes as well


4 Steps to Your Dream Shed



Schedule An Appointment

Get in touch with us to work out every detail for a stress-free shed-buying experience.



Customize Your Shed

We will customize your shed to match your requirements. For example, doors, windows, and other features may be customized. Sheds are custom-made.



Prepare Site

We recommend a level gravel base for the greatest stability, and we will also construct it for you. (concrete blocking can be utilized)



Your Shed Will Be Delivered!

We will transport your shed to your location for free! (less than 30 miles from our facility) If it’s an on-site construction, we’ll assemble it on-site.