About Us

South River Structures LLC is a family-owned and operated company that builds storage sheds on-site. We are committed to helping people with their storage problems, and we build sheds that are direct-to-customer to ensure quality and satisfaction. Our goal is to help our clients organize their lives, and that starts with an easy and simple shed buying experience.

Our Story

We’re Andy and Dannie, two brothers who saw the need for quality shed builders in our local area who could help people with their storage problems. Our commitment to our customers is to treat them with the respect and integrity they deserve. At South River Structures, LLC, we are dedicated to building you the highest quality shed on the market, and we love helping our customers get organized. Being a family-owned and operated business, our goal is simple: to be the go-to shed building company in the area.

The South River Structures team delivering a shed

Core Values

Providing for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord but also in the sight of men. -2 Corinthians 8:21



God First

We exist to honor and glorify God in all we do.



Customer Service

We want you to feel at home when you work with us. We strive to be prompt and respectful of your time.




We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards so that our customers trust us with their projects, knowing they can depend on getting only top-quality work from the start until finish.



Our Team

We strive to be a place where people look forward to coming to work. Not just to build a shed but to grow and expand their abilities and skills.



The Quality of Our Sheds

We want our sheds to exceed your expectations, from design to the little details.




To be profitable because, without it, we wouldn’t be able to sustain and grow this business to be able to help more and more people find their dream shed!

Why Choose Us

We are proud to provide our customers with excellent workmanship and end results. When you order a shed from us, we will come to your home or site to ensure we get all the details right. We use only the finest materials and craft each shed without compromise. When you purchase your shed from South River Structures, you’re supporting the local economy – all of our lumber, siding, and paint is sourced locally. If you’re looking for a shed that’s built to last, come to South River Structures – we’ll take care of you.
Lean-to shed style from the Inspiration Series with a double glass door and six windows at the front side

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order my dream shed?
Contact us, and we will come to your project site. We will then go over size, door placement, window placement, colors, and any other custom options you want. You can also come to our office, located at 30920 Brownsville Rd, Lebanon, OR.
What if there is no access to move into a pre-built shed?

We can build your shed onsite at our workshop. We will pre cut and pre-build as much as we can in our shop to get the project done quickly. All we need is a gate to walk through, and we will deliver a finished product to your location.

What do I need to do to get ready for my shed?
Make sure the area is open and free of “stuff,” We will then deliver, set up, and level your shed with concrete blocks if needed. There is a small fee to block up (level) your shed. ($4.00 per concrete block).
What do you recommend as a shed foundation?

We recommend a gravel pad. This is the best way to support the entire shed. This will make your shed last longer, and a gravel pad also looks nice. (All our sheds sit on pressure treated 4×4 beams).

Who can I get to build my gravel pad?
We build those too! If needed, we will excavate to flatten the area. Then we will haul in gravel, laser level it, and compact it for a sturdy, beautiful pad.
What methods can I use to pay for my shed?
We offer 100% financing or a Rent-To-Own program for your convenience. We accept credit/debit cards as well as cash/checks.
Do I need a permit for my shed?
Typically under 200 square feet, you are not required to get a permit (residential in most towns/cities). It is best to check with your city/county to determine your requirements.
Any other questions we didn't cover?

Call us at 541-979-2392

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