Discover the Perfect Shed Design for Your Home in OR

Our sheds offer great space to store all your outdoor equipment, tools, and more, while also adding a unique and eye-catching element to your property. At South River Structures, we are a family-owned company specializing in custom-built sheds.

If you’re a homeowner in Oregon who needs more storage space for gardening tools but doesn’t know how to get them, South River Structures can help. We build custom storage sheds that will function and look exactly how you want, so you can store your things safely and have your deserved peace of mind at all times.

Get the Shed That Fits Your Needs

We are a family-owned company that has helped numerous customers obtain their dream storage space, and now we would like to extend the same service to you. Continue reading to discover the various ways in which you can use a top-notch shed built by us:

Storage: Keep Your Items Safe

The Cascade series is a great storage solution for equipment, bicycles, and various items. Its compact design offers privacy, while its large double doors make storing and retrieving your belongings easy. In essence, it’s a small shed that’s both practical and convenient.

Workshop: Get Your DIY Space

The Santiam series is the perfect choice for large DIY and woodworking projects. Its spacious interior provides ample room for you to work comfortably and efficiently in your new lean-to shed.

Garden Space: Take Care of Your Plants

If you are into gardening, consider the Lofted Barn series a great outdoor shed option. Its roomy design and additional loft space provide ample storage space to organize and shield your potted plants from inclement weather. This way, you can ensure that your gardening work always stays safe and organized!

Living Space: Enjoy Some Extra Room

We suggest the Inspiration series convert your shed into a guest room or home office. These sheds are suitable for extra space due to their width and sleek design, including large windows and double-glass doors on the front.

You can be sure that with the Inspiration series, you will gain extra living space while enhancing your property’s appearance!

Unlock Your New Shed with This Plan

1. Contact us to book an appointment.

2. Make your choices to customize your shed.

3. Once we prepare the site, we will deliver your shed or build it on-site, whichever you prefer.

Let Us Help You Get the Shed of Your Dreams

Don’t risk damaging your valuable gardening tools due to a lack of protection. Instead, let our experienced team at South River Structures in Oregon help you with our high-quality storage sheds made from the best materials. With our sheds, you can be confident that your items are properly protected, so say goodbye to the worry of not having enough storage space and contact us today for assistance.

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