6 Maintenance Tips For Your Custom Shed

When you buy a custom shed for your home, you want it to be strong and last for a long time. However, you may be dealing with long-term damage like corrosion, broken windows or doors, uneven loading, leaking roofs, and even water damage that affects your shed’s structure. But don’t worry! There are many steps you can take to prevent this from happening and ensure a long quality life for your shed. 

Whether you have a small outdoor shed or a large personalized shed, this blog post can help you with these issues. We’ve made a short list of simple yet effective maintenance tips that can make a huge difference when dealing with potential damage. Read on to learn more!

1. Clear Debris Regularly

Keeping your custom shed clear of pre-mesh and leaves can help prevent mold and water damage. Use a broom or blower to clear out any debris that may prevent adequate airflow. 

2. Fit Guttering

This is a great way to remove excess water and keep your shed dry. Guttering can be especially helpful during heavy rains when excess water can easily overload your custom shed’s foundations.  

3. Keep It Pest-Free

Check regularly for holes in the shed walls that may allow insects and critters to enter. For custom sheds with wooden beams, this can be especially important as termites are known for invading wood structures. We also recommend trimming all grass and vegetation around the perimeter and sweeping or vacuuming your shed every ten days.

4. Apply Wood Stain Or Sealant Regularly

This can help protect custom sheds from moisture and prevent water damage, which is crucial if you live in a rainy or snowy area. It’s best recommended to do this at least once a year. We promise it’s worth your time and will help preserve your shed for longer. 

5. Wash The Exterior 

Regardless of the shed’s material, we recommend doing this regularly to remove dirt, stains, and grease from the structure. You can use a power washer with soap and water in a low-pressure setting to prevent damage.

6. Remember To Check The Shed!

The most important step is to be aware of your shed’s condition and identify any damages before they escalate. Thoroughly check the parts -handles, doors, shelving, workbenches- and look for direct damages like leaks, cracks, breaks, and holes. 

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