Shed-Building Company In Albany, OR

Are you an Albany, OR, resident looking for storage solutions and considering building a storage shed? If so, look no further than South River Structures. We are the leading storage shed builder in the area and specialize in custom designs that fit your unique storage needs. 

Our craftsmanship is second to none, and our team of experienced builders will bring your storage shed vision to life. Let South River Structures help create a storage solution that meets your needs. Check out our services!

Our Collections


South River Structures’ Inspiration series is an excellent way to build your dream shed. You can create the perfect space for your needs with customizable options and sizes. Our sheds are made with premium materials that are both durable and efficient, making sure they stand the test of time while providing maximum protection and energy efficiency. 

Our common sizes range from 8X10 sheds to 12X16 ones, including 10×12 sheds, but we can also provide bigger sizes as needed.


Our Santiam series of customizable sheds offers a wide range of options and features to suit any storage need. Made with durable and long-lasting materials, these sheds can be easily set up in any location requiring additional space. 

Featuring an open-air design that provides ventilation and light, you can customize the shed with doors, windows, or even a porch area, allowing easy access to your stored items. The Santiam series’s versatility and easy assembly are perfect for residential or commercial use.


The Cascade series is the perfect storage shed for any backyard. Constructed with quality materials and attention to detail, these sheds have a standard 7/12 pitch roof that extends out in eaves, allowing them to fit into any space. 

Our customizable sheds are made with your preference and needs in mind, offering a wide selection of options so you can create the perfect shed for your needs.

Loft Barn

South River Structures’ Loft Barn series is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to maximize their storage and add a touch of country charm to their home. Featuring a classic, traditional barn-style roof with plenty of storage space underneath, each shed in this series provides the perfect solution for out-of-the-way storage. 

Plus, the lofted design gives you even more room to store items you don’t use very often.

Why Choosing Us Is The Right Decision

If you’re looking to declutter your life by creating more space and live in Albany, OR should consider South River Structures for your storage shed needs. We are a family-owned and operated business that offers direct-to-customer service, meaning the quality and satisfaction of our sheds is unmatched. 

With our commitment to helping customers with their storage problems, your storage shed purchase from South River Structures will be an easy and simple process. Don’t wait any longer: request a quote today from South River Structures and get your storage problems solved in no time!