6 Essential Features to Consider When Buying a Shed
Are you planning to build or buy a shed for your home? Whether you want to add extra storage to your backyard or create a private workspace, having a shed has plenty of benefits. However, if you don’t choose a design that fits your needs, you could miss out on this structure’s great features.

You deserve to make the most out of your investment. That’s why you should take some time to consider which features are essential for your goals. In this blog, we’ll look at 6 must-haves for sheds — from size and layout to functionality and aesthetics. This way, you’ll be sure the garden shed you purchase will provide everything you need!

1. Size And Layout: Get The Perfect Space

First, you must ensure the storage shed has enough space to store your items. Consider how much storage or workspace you’ll need and how much space you have in your backyard, and research the shed’s dimensions before purchasing. Guarantee it’s big enough for your goals but small enough to fit your home. 

2. Durability And Construction: Make It Last!

One of the best ways to ensure your shed does the job is by buying or building a durable one. Look at different material options and consider your local weather before committing to a design. Steel, wood, and plastic are popular choices for outdoor structures.

3. Security: Protect Your Investment

No matter the size, your shed should be secure, especially in your backyard. Look for locks on doors and windows and strong construction to prevent potential thieves or breakage. Also, consider getting an alarm system to protect your items.

4. Air And Natural Light: Create a Pleasant Spot

If you’d like to use the shed as a workspace or for leisure, it should have good air circulation and enough natural light. Make sure some windows can open so you have a comfortable temperature inside. Otherwise, you could deal with mold or struggle with hot weather.

5. Access And Organization: Keep Everything in Place

You’ll want your shed to be easily accessible and organized. Look for a design with multiple entry points, shelves or drawers to store items, and plenty of hooks or holders for items you’d like to hang. If you’re building an outdoor storage shed yourself, consider adding a ramp or stairs for easier access.

6. Aesthetics: Upgrade Your Home’s Look

Finally, take some time to make your shed look better and more personal. This can help you create the perfect outdoor environment — from adding flower boxes and window shutters to painting it in bright colors or unique designs. Ensure it elevates your home’s appearance instead of looking like an odd piece.

Build Your Dream Shed With South River Structures!

A backyard shed is not a small investment, so you want it to cover all your needs while improving your property’s overall look. However, this can be complicated to achieve if you don’t work with experienced professionals. At South River Structures, we understand you want something unique, so we offer many shed designs to help you get the most out of your purchase.

Just follow these steps to get your dream shed:

  1. Explore our catalog: Choose from different sizes and styles. We can customize it according to your preferences and add any special features.
  2. Contact us for a free quote: You can call us or fill out our online form for a fair and accurate price.
  3. Place your order: Our team will design and build your shed using the best tools and materials.

If you don’t consider these essential features when buying or building a shed, you’ll be unsatisfied with your purchase. With South River Structures, you can guarantee your shed will have all the requirements and features you need. We’ve worked with many homeowners in cities of the South Willamette Valley Region in Oregon, so trust our expertise.


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