Custom Sheds In Eugene, OR

Is your home feeling a bit cramped lately? South River Structures is here to help. We offer custom-measured sheds for those who need extra storage space. We understand that finding the right size can be difficult and we’re committed to helping you find an ideal solution. Make use of our specialized services today and reclaim some breathing room in your house!

Who We Are and What Can We Help You With

for any and all needs. At South River Structures, we understand the importance of having everything organized and securely stored away. That is why our selection encompasses various sizes, designs, and complexities that guarantee something suitable for everyone! Scroll down further to find out more about what options await you!

  • Inspiration Series

Make your outdoor space as unique and special as you are with our inspiration series sheds! Whether it’s for cozy gardening relaxation, or a creative hobby haven – take control over the design to bring out whatever vision you have. With these beautiful structures, there will be plenty of room for everything that sparks joy in your life.

  • Santiam Series

The Santiam Series boasts an array of personalization options – from doors and windows on any wall to a porch for those seeking outdoor storage. Not only does this model provide the same benefits as your traditional garden shed, but it also offers you access points from every angle if desired!

  • Cascade Series

If you’re in the market for utility storage, look no further than the Cascade Series! Stow away your lawn equipment and extra household items with ease. Not only is it constructed from top-of-the-line materials built to last, but installation is a cinch – so there’s no need to stress about assembly!

  • Loft-Barn Series

The Loft-Barn Series provides an iconic barn roof that offers ample overhead space for those searching for a more quaint and country-style design. This traditional charm will surely be a stunning addition to your home and increases your property’s curb appeal!

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The Best Shed Builders Are at South River Structures

Keep your home happy and organized with South River Structures! Discover our variety of sheds in Eugene OR to craft the perfect storage solution, helping you regain control of living space – whether it’s extra room for belongings or an office workspace. Get in touch now, so we can provide a personalized quote designed around what works best for you and make sure nothing is standing between you and life free from clutter and chaos again.