Can Sheds Be Placed on the Grass?

Are you dreaming of skipping the foundation of your garden shed and placing it directly on the grass but feeling concerned about potential damage? No worries at all! Our blog is here to lend a helping hand. We’ll be your reliable guide, offering all the essential information to help you make an informed decision. Keep reading to explore whether placing sheds on grass is viable and much more.

Grass Is the Enemy of Sheds 

When placing your garden shed on the grass, we’ve got some friendly advice. It’s not recommended, and here’s why: wooden sheds can suffer water damage, plastic sheds might experience excess moisture that can harm what’s stored inside, and those heavy metal sheds? They’re at risk of sinking. But hey, don’t worry! There is one exception that might work for you.

Flat or Hard Surface: The Only Exception

The only time when storage sheds can be safely placed on the grass is if you have a flat or hard surface. You’re good to go if it’s either paved (using concrete, asphalt, etc.) or made of compacted gravel and sand. Just inspect the surface for any ruts, mounds, or other issues that may affect the stability of your shed in the long run.

The Right Foundation Will Be Your Best Friend

Now that you know about the grass exception, let’s talk about foundations. Some of the best options you need to take into account are the following:

  • Concrete Slab

This is a great option for larger sheds, usually, those bigger than 8×8 that lack a built-in floor. Its main advantage is that it offers a solid, reliable foundation and can be easily customized to fit the exact size of your shed.

  • Concrete Pier Blocks

Putting up a shed on an uneven surface is an easy and affordable process with this foundation. You just need to ensure that the piers get placed evenly and in the right spots for extra stability.

  • Gravel Pad

For a reliable choice, gravel is a classic winner for numerous reasons. It offers excellent support for your shed and ensures proper drainage, all while keeping your structure elevated from the ground.

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