Built Onsite Sheds In Lebanon, OR

Are you looking for a reliable solution to reduce the amount of clutter in your home? South River Structures can help! We specialize in building onsite storage sheds that are tailored specifically to your needs. Don’t worry – we understand how intimidating this project may seem, so let us help you make that extra space you deserve a reality today!

We Will Help You Get That Dream Shed

We’ve already helped dozens of satisfied customers construct their sheds onsite (from an 8×10 shed to something bigger), and now we’d love to do the same for you. To ensure your peace of mind, allow us to explain our process:

Measurements Will Be Taken

Prior to the actual construction, we will make a trip to your property and take measurements of where you want your shed. This is an integral step since it allows for accurate calculations that are needed before any building can be started.

Surface Preparation Will Be Done

After taking the measurements, we will come to your property and remove any soil or turf that must be removed. To ensure your storage shed has a firm, level foundation that will make it last, we transport gravel right to you – even if access is limited! We’ll then use lasers for leveling purposes before compacting it all using our plate compactor for extra durability.

An Efficient Installation Will Be the End

Following the preparation of the site, our team of professionals will arrive and quickly assemble your shed; so that you can start enjoying the additional storage space that your new structure provides!

Use This Plan to Start the Process

Are you dreaming of a 10×12 shed in your backyard? Let us help transform that dream into reality with the following simple steps:

Contact us at

(541) 204 0124.

Schedule an appointment that works for you.

Get ready to own the shed you always wanted!

Get the Storage Shed You Deserve with Us!

Don’t let future clutter overwhelm you – it doesn’t have to! South River Structures in Lebanon, OR, can help reduce the stress of getting a shed by constructing one for you onsite. Let us take care of the hard work so that all left is for you to start decluttering your home today.