Shed Security 101: How To Protect Your Belongings

If you plan to purchase an outdoor shed, you’re investing long-term for storage and creative projects. However, it’s natural that you feel concerned about the security of the items you’ll place there. Whether you plan on storing tools, outdoor furniture, or other valuables, the right steps can help give you peace of mind and ensure you stay safe from thieves or weather. 

In this post, we’ll run through Shed Security 101 – outlining some effective techniques to protect your belongings and how to choose the right shed for it. So if safety is a top priority when shopping for your new yard accessory, read on for everything you need to know about keeping it secure!

Shed Location and Placement

When considering shed security, you should consider where to place it. Choose a spot easily visible from your house or outbuildings, like a garage, and consider hiding it with trees or shrubs. That way, it’s not so visible to passers-by or potential thieves but can still be monitored from your home.

Reliable Locking Systems

There’s nothing more effective than a good, sturdy lock to keep your shed secure. Look for outdoor storage sheds with a padlock instead of a hand-operated latch. Traditional and electronic locks are available – depending on what kind of security you’re looking for.

Lighting and Alarm Systems

Motion-sensor lighting is a great way to deter criminals from accessing your shed, as is a smart alarm system. You can install exterior lights that switch on when it gets dark or add an alarm system that sends notifications if anyone tries to open the door.

Reinforced Doors and Windows

To ensure your shed is secure, opt for reinforced doors and windows. Look for a model with metal door frames or thick plastic slats that won’t be easy to break into. It’s also worth adding heavy-duty deadbolts and tamper-resistant screws if you plan on storing expensive items inside. 

Build a Reliable, Secure Shed With South River Structures

Whether you want an outdoor shed for backyard storage, a studio, or an office, you must ensure your items are safe. There’s nothing more stressful than going to bed wondering whether you’ll discover someone broke in during the morning. You deserve peace of mind, and South River Structures can build dependable sheds to ensure that. 

Just follow these steps to get a safe, customized outdoor storage shed

  1. View our catalog: Select your shed’s size, shape, and design. Options range from wooden to vinyl and steel.
  2. Contact our team: Request a quote for your shed, and let our team know about any additional features you want.

  3. Get professional installation: Our professionals will work with you to install your secure outdoor shed just as you want.

If you don’t prioritize your shed’s security, you leave your belongings vulnerable to theft and weather damage. Why risk it? South River Structures offers durable and trustworthy outdoor sheds and security features so you can rest assured your belongings are safe. Contact us today to get started on your secure outdoor storage shed!


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