Site Preparation

We will come where your storage shed or office shed will be built to prepare the location in advance. This includes taking all measurements and prepping the ground where it will be built.


Gravel Pad Benefits

A level, compacted gravel pad supports the entire shed floor, unlike concrete blocks, which are spaced apart. There is less stress on the floor by having the floor fully and evenly supported.
Concrete blocks can also become unleveled, causing stress on the building and possibly causing doors or windows to function poorly.

A compacted gravel pad in a backyard of a client that will support the entire shed floor
Gravel pad for a shed foundation
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How It Works

Soil or Turf Removal
We will come in and remove any soil/turf needing to be removed.
Haul Gravel
We then haul gravel to your site. If there is only limited access, no problem; we can still get it in.
We then laser-level the gravel, so it’s even.
And last, we compact the gravel with a plate compactor.

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